Goodsouls Kitchen

Goodsouls serves plant-based food that satisfies your appetite, supports a healthy lifestyle and nurtures your soul.

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about goodsouls


Founded by Varee Kanokkhun (photo) and Daniel Georges, a lifelong vegetarian turned vegan, the inspiration behind Goodsouls Kitchen was to create a plant-based menu full of decadent and heartwarming food that would be appealing to all food lovers. 

Chef extraordinaire Varee helped bring their vision to light, creating a widely extensive menu filled with delicious and healthy Western and Thai influences, including burgers, pastas, deserts and much more! 

Since opening in 2017 Goodsouls has become a prominent landmark in the restaurant scene, warming the hearts and stomachs of travelers and residents of Chiang Mai.  In August 2020, Goodsouls opened its first restaurant in Bangkok

With a high emphasis on giving a friendly dining experience, Goodsouls welcomes everyone to visit their restaurants and try their delicious plant-based cuisine. 

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