About Us

Our Products

To make our food more accessible and available to consumers during 2020 and 2021, we started to create homemade products for selling online. Our product range is currently being expanded and we are looking for partners to make our products more widely available. 

Products include 100% plant-based mushroom burger patties, cultured coconut yoghurt, grateable and meltable cashew cheese, vegan mayonnaise, frozen wood-oven fired pizza, and more.

Our story

In 2014, the founders of Goodsouls Kitchen, talented Chef Varee Kanokkhun (photo) and Daniel Georges opened Chiang Mai’s first vegetarian hotel in 2014. A couple of years later, the hotel’s own restaurant Reform Kafe, named after Daniel’s family-owned organic shop in Switzerland during the 1960’s, changed its menu to serving only fully plant-based food.
The decision of going fully vegan in 2017 greatly increased the popularity of the restaurant and hotel.

After gaining the experience and confidence of successfully running Chiang Mai’s first plant-based hotel, the owner couple dreamed of opening a second restaurant under a new name inside the old city, offering a wider selection of food in a more easily accessible location. Goodsouls Kitchen on Singharat Road was born, opened its doors in December 2017 and has since served many satisfied and happy customers. In January 2020, a second branch opened on in Chiang Mai’s up-and-coming Changmoi district and the following August, Goodsouls Kitchen started serving guests in Bangkok at their third restaurant which is now located on New Phetchaburi Road.  

Looking into the future, Chef Varee believes that there is no limit to creating new dishes and we look truly forward to welcome you at one of our restaurants soon!

Varee & Daniel


Serving cruelty-free, delicious and healthy food as been the ultimate reason behind creating Goodsouls Kitchen. 
We are offering food alternatives  that are healthy for humans, save animal lives and contribute to conserve the earth’s precious resources.


Living in world where the consumption of animal-based food is gradually decreasing due to growing choice of delicious, enjoyable and healthy plant-based options that are readily available at affordable prices.
Anytime. Anywhere. For anyone.  


Goodsouls Kitchen is committed to the creation of premium quality food and products.

Our passion is producing 100% plant-based dishes and products that are minimally process and fulfill our highest quality standard.

We support our commitment though the careful selection of local and regional quality ingredients and through the OYO certification program.